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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) vs. Medicare-For-All

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) vs. Medicare-For-All

My Case to Libertarians and Conservatives for a Single-Payer System

Although I wholeheartedly reject the spread of fear amongst Americans over anything—as an American, I believe strongly in the value of bravery—it comes times like these when we are faced with a pandemic, severe economic downturn, and state violence, where the flaws and holes in our system are exposed to the light. I believe it is our duty, as Americans, to address them.

Upon the quick and sudden massive unemployment, we realize that it is not in a stable nation’s interest to rely on employer-based healthcare systems for the sole purpose that people are suddenly faced with extremely difficult decisions upon their loss of work. I think of my own family and friends, some of whom were burdened with the entire cost of their employer-provided health insurance upon them receiving a furlough status. If we had a Medicare-for-all single-payer system, even if people were forced out of work, yes, they’d still be paying a Medicare tax throughout unemployment, and it would be equivalent, likely, if not slightly cheaper, than the costs they paid through their employer, and vastly cheaper than the full brunt of costs laid on the furloughed workers that came with this sudden crisis, but I think this is a path forward that will keep our society more stable in times of strife, like these.

Allowing everyone to have access to health care would vastly increase our ability to track and trace, treat, and test Americans in case of a pandemic. I, as a young American, decided to exercise my right not to buy into what I see as a corrupt healthcare-insurance industry, but would happily pay into a system that works for every single American and allows to visit a hospital when we feel the need. Myself, and others like me, do pose a risk to the entire country because if we are very healthy and catch a disease like COVID-19, we are very likely not to even go into the doctor for mild cold symptoms, and even if we had insurance, we would then still have a decision if the mild symptoms would be worth the out-of-pocket cost of co-pays and deductibles for treatment and testing. Medicare-for-all would act like a much stronger shield against a pandemic than our current system.

I believe that a Medicare-For-All system, once implemented, would be found by profit-loving businesses across America to be the obvious path forward. When businesses don’t have to pour resources into administering private health-care programs, negotiating with insurance companies, they relieve a significant cost-burden and therefore free up resources to focus on paying their workers living, or better, wages, and growing their value and size.

When it comes to the constitutionality of Medicare-for-all, as opposed to Obamacare, I hold an extremely unique position. I believe Medicare-for-All to be completely constitutional, and more clearly so in times like these, while I will always hold the belief that Obamacare is unconstitutional for the sole purpose that it is legally penalizing Americans for buying into an insurance industry that more often than not rips the American people off, it actually is the sole purpose for its existence. Medicare-For-All is the government doing what it has done with programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which is provide a safety-net for all Americans who still need healthcare, and sometimes can’t afford the added cost that comes with facing full insurance costs, especially when they’ve just become unemployed. It protects life, promotes liberty (because people will not feel bound to a job because of their health insurance and be more free to travel and take up jobs where they choose.), and is a cost I think we all would come to agreement is a worthy public investment, especially where there is so, so much government waste spent on the infringement of our rights, like what is the current case with the NSA and CIA, I think it's time, in 2020, we came to agreement that healthcare is a human right.

I believe establishing Medicare-For-All is an important step towards creating a more productive, wealthy, stress-free society. Never again would someone have to worry about facing bankruptcy for contracting a disease, cancer or anything else. I think it would be in the interest of anyone who wants a thriving private-sector to have a nation of people who do not have to struggle or go broke to pay for their healthcare costs. Of course, your Medicare tax would be more like a monthly insurance payment, but the benefits vastly outweigh the downsides of maintaining a broken for-profit healthcare system that is gouging millions of American’s wallets. I would hope all Americans would stand with me in demanding health-care as a right and let’s put pressure on both parties in congress to pass Medicare-For-All, something most of our allies, some of our adversaries, and every industrialized western nation has in one form or another.


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