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Our Founder’s Remarks on the State Murder of #GeorgeFloyd

”As a white American I want to say I love all Americans, and I love life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am outraged whenever the state unjustly murders anyone. It is theft of all three of those sacred rights, and I want to say I totally understand why it is in fact a race issue, because as a white dude I guarantee I’d never get tackled to the ground, let alone murdered, for supposedly using counterfeit bill. In fact, as a white guy? I’d probably get away with using a countefeit bill if I were to try. The cashier would likely give me a stern look and then make me pay real cash. And if he was using a counterfeit twenty, that might be proof of some other socio-economic issues outside of just policing of poor, diverse communities. I believe all Americans are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and those god-given rights were stolen from #GeorgeFloyd.

On a side note to those defending the President, he is doing the opposite of what any true populist would do. If he was on the side of the American people, he would have used the national guard to protect the protesters from the police and sent in the fbi to arrest every single one of those cops involved and any Minneapolis politicians or officials trying to protect or give immunity to those cops. Secondly, he would have demanded his loyal base of supporters to peacefully join hands in the protests and through unity help deter violence.

That is all, I’m sure you’re all fed up with everyone’s opinions.

That is why I protest. It’s the theft of these

rights, and more, from Americans, a rapidly increasing theft, that drove me to form this party in May, more in response to the rights violations from these economic shutdown, just days before we all learned before the murder of George Floyd. I want to let all my black friends and fellow Americans that I stand with you wholeheartedly.”


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