Domestic Policy


Criminal Justice 


  • We need to end systemic mass incarceration which is disproportionately affecting communities and people of color around this country. We can make steps towards this goal by ending the failed and unconstitutional “War on Drugs,” and taking steps to fully release all non-violent drug offenders.


  • We need to re-allocate policing resources away from over-policing of poor communities over drug and traffic offenses, and move those resources to cracking down on white-collar crime and political corruption, which has become rampant in America these days.


  • Any police department with an officer who commits a crime like murder must be fully investigated by federal authorities for further, underlying corruption.


  • Any alleged criminal activity done by police in the effort to oppress the people of their own state, hurt, frame, or murder, must be investigated by federal authorities in order to protect the sacred constitutional rights of the constituents of those states.


  • Body cameras should be encouraged and standardized across America to record all police activity and should be freely accessible by constituents within the states that the footage was taken. If we can have a T.V. show called “Cops,” then we should be able to keep account of policing actions in America to ensure the life, liberty, and safety of we the people.


  • It should be a felony, if it is not already, for any police officer to destroy any body-cam footage as this could essentially be considered destruction of evidence.


  • By legalizing marijuana, we can use tax money from the industry to help fight white-collar crime, promote health and safety in schools, and generally fund America’s crumbling public school systems.


  • We need to ensure police have thorough training in the meaning and current legal definitions of the entire constitution, and be trained to uphold it at all costs rather than to infringe it whenever possible.

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